Turn Worker Jobs

Race Day Corner Worker Job Description

Turn Captain: the voice of authority at each turn station, leading a crew that may include Flaggers, Communicators, and Turn Workers. OMRRA Turn Captains generally have multiple years of experience.

Communicator: stays in contact with Race Control via radio at all times, informing Race Control as to the status on the turn (i.e. debris on track, bike off track, rider down, etc.) and passing information back to the Turn Workers.

Flagger: displays race flags as needed to communicate with racers regarding track conditions. Examples include: yellow flag for caution, yellow/red striped flag for debris, and red flag for race stop.

Turn Worker: assists with track inspection, clears bikes and debris in case of a crash, and helps keeps the track in proper race condition (example: oil sweep). Turn Workers go to the aid of downed or stalled racers, and help call the proper assistance if needed. They DO NOT administer first aid, and may not move a downed rider.

Additional OMRRA race day volunteer positions are available, but require experience and training. They include: Starter, Starter.s Assistant, Crash Truck, Announcer, Safety Director, OMRRA.s Accident Support Information Team (ASIT), Scoring, and others. If interested, please inquire.


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