OMRRA Champions

2022Title ChampionKevin PinkstaffClubman ChampionAlex TaylorVintage ChampionTheis Corneliussen
2021Title ChampionAndy DiBrinoClubman ChampionChris SarboraVintage ChampionRyan Shanahan
2020Title ChampionAndy DiBrinoClubman ChampionHannah JohnsonVintage ChampionAndrew Hudock
2019Title ChampionJeremy CoffeyClubman ChampionAlex TaylorVintage ChampionDaric Cheshire
2018Title ChampionRyan SuttonClubman ChampionMatt ORourkeVintage ChampionDaric Cheshire
2017Title ChampionAndy DiBrinoClubman ChampionNobi IsoVintage ChampionMica Grohn
2016Title ChampionDevon McDonoughClubman ChampionAdam FaussettVintage ChampionRyan Shannahan
2015Title ChampionRyan SuttonClubman ChampionOliver JervisVintage ChampionMica Grohn
2014Title ChampionDevon McDonoughClubman ChampionAndy DiBrinoVintage ChampionMica Grohn
2013Title ChampionAlan SchmidtClubman ChampionChris PageVintage ChampionEirik Nielsen
2012Title ChampionAlan SchmidtClubman ChampionRyan SuttonVintage ChampionCody Wood
2011Title ChampionAlan SchmidtClubman ChampionKevin PinkstaffVintage ChampionCody Wood
2010Title ChampionAlan Schmidt
2009Title ChampionAlan Schmidt
2008Title ChampionAlan Schmidt
2007Title ChampionAlan Schmidt
2006Title ChampionAlan Schmidt
2005Title ChampionAlan Schmidt
2004Title ChampionAlan Schmidt
2003Title ChampionMatt Zurbuchen
2002Title ChampionMatt Zurbuchen
2001Title ChampionJohn Dugan
2000Title ChampionJohn Dugan
1999Title ChampionDavid Cook
1998Title ChampionMike Sullivan
1997Title ChampionMike Sullivan
1996Title ChampionShawn Roberti
1995Title ChampionJason Fraser
1994Title ChampionDamon MonWai
1993Title ChampionShawn Roberti
1992Title ChampionShawn Roberti
1991Title ChampionShawn Roberti
1990Title ChampionShawn Roberti
1989Title ChampionShawn Roberti
1988Title ChampionJoe Pittman
1987Title ChampionJoe Pittman
1986Title ChampionJoe Pittman
1985Title ChampionKeith Pinkstaff
1984Title ChampionMike Johnson
1983Title ChampionMike Johnson
1982Title ChampionEugene Brown
1981Title ChampionEugene Brown
1980Title ChampionEugene Brown
1979Title ChampionJames Dawley
1978Title ChampionDan Freeman
1977Title ChampionKeith Pinkstaff
1976Title ChampionEugene Brown
1975Title ChampionEugene Brown
1974Title ChampionEugene Brown
1973Title ChampionQuentin Hogan
1972Title ChampionEugene Brown


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