Superteams Pre-Entry Form

Superteams Schedule

2014 Superteams Race Dates:


Superteams Regulations

The Superteams Race shall be a trophy race for the top three teams in three classes, according to the number of laps completed within the race.

  1. Superteams races are endurance races with a pre-determined time which have no more than two riders per team. Race and team rules will be governed by Appendix B.
  2. Superteams classes will follow the class structure of Appendix B – Event regulations.
  3. A maximum of two riders are allowed. A rider can be on two teams in the same race. Riders must change between 20 minutes and 40 minutes into the race, or the team will be disqualified. The second rider may be required to wear an arm band if required by the Race Director. Novices are allowed to field an all-Novice team.
  4. If refueling is necessary, it must be conducted per Endurance event rules.
  5. Competition numbers must be present on each competing motorcycle, but need not be the same for each competitor or team.
    • Each team must use a single, registered scoring transponder.
    • Team must run same riders and classification for entire season to qualify for season points.
  6. Different machines may be used by riders on the same team, but the scoring transponder must be swapped during rider exchange to be scored. Team classification is assigned based on the highest classification of any machine scored during the event.
  7. Season points will be awarded for the team name. The riders and/or machine(s) can change from event to event. Only one team can be fielded per event per team name, with at most two people declared as riders for the team.
  8. Starting and grid procedures may vary by race direction.
  9. Red flag restart will be based on Race Director and Referee discretion.

LeMans Start Procedure

A LeMans start is a standing start in which the competitors are required to run across the track, mount their machines which are held by a member of their team and race. It is an exciting way to start a race and it’s use in any Endurance event is at the discretion of the Race Director.

  1. Grid order will be determined by category size order: Heavyweight (nearest start/finish line) / Middleweight / Lightweight (furthest from start/finish)
  2. Teams will be assigned a numbered stall designated on the race control side of the wall (8-10 feet spacing).
  3. Machines must be angled at 45 degrees to ensure safest possible launch.
  4. Team personnel assigned to hold the machine will do so unassisted by a rear stand or any other mechanism. Closed shoes are required by the “holder”.
  5. Engines are not running. It is the duty of the starting rider to start the engine.
  6. The rider starting the race must be positioned directly across from their team’s assigned stall with boot heel touching the opposite wall.
  7. The race begins when signaled by the starter. The starting rider “sprints” across the track, mounts their machine, starts the engine and proceeds.
  8. After the rider has mounted the machine the holder must immediately exit the live track. Push starting a stalled machine is strictly prohibited. The “holder” is NOT allowed to move into the live track to assist the rider in any way. The “holder” simply holds and releases the rider. The rider in control of the machine is responsible for adhering to established grid safety procedures if a stall or other mechanical issue occurs.


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