Registration Is Open for September at PIR

  • Registration for the September round is now open
  • There are very, very few spots for pit crew members
  • Check your email for the OMRRA Board election ballot
  • Round #4 is confirmed for October 10th & 11th at The Ridge
  • Check your race results from August for errors
  • Sign up for the Friday OPRT track day
  • Recycle your old OMRRA trophies
  • Keep OMRRA Weird

Hello OMRRA Members,

We hope you had a successful time racing at the Ridge Motorsports Park last weekend with our friends at WMRRA. Now, it is our turn to host a joint round for the two clubs, as the September round at PIR is rapidly approaching us. Booyakasha!

Because we plan on seeing a large number of WMRRA racers, and also because of the ongoing restrictions in Portland because of the coronavirus outbreak, there are a number of items we need to share with you for this to be a successful weekend of racing for everyone.

Registration for the September Round at PIR Is Open

The third round of the OMRRA season is here, and we will be racing the regular course at Portland International Raceway on September 26th and 27th.

This is a double-points round. This is also a joint round with our friends at WMRRA, which should make for some good times, packed grids, and close racing.

Registration is now open (click here to register on Track Intel), and it will close on Wednesday, September 23rd, just before midnight.

Register now for the September round!

We Will Have Very, Very Limited Gate Entries for Pit Crew Members

Portland is still in Phase 1 of the COVID-19 restrictions. This means that by special permission, OMRRA is only allowed to race at Portland International Raceway with 250 event attendees.

This will be a considerable restriction for the club during the September round.

With this being a joint round with WMRRA, we are expecting a very large number of racers to be at PIR. Add to that number the approximately 75 volunteers and vendors that we need to facilitate the racing round, and it means that we will unfortunately have to limit severely the number of pit crew attendees at this round.

This is obviously not an ideal situation, but we want to ensure that as many racers can participate as possible in the September round.

As such, initially we will limit the number of pit crew attendees to just 30 people, and to ensure that only critical pit members are allowed into the track, we will be charging $100 per person (via Track Intel registration, limit one per racer) for the weekend.

We realize the hardship that this will put on some racers, and it is certainly not a restriction that the OMRRA Board wants to place on the race weekend, but we are operating under extreme conditions, and lucky to be racing at all in Portland.

We hope that racers will be good neighbors in the pits, and help each other during the weekend. We also look forward to the day that our entire OMRRA and WMRRA families can be together in the pits on a race weekend at PIR.

We Are Looking for Volunteers

In addition to the pit crew restrictions, we will once again be unable to have spectators at the September round, but there is a loophole to this, as we still need volunteers to work the corner stations.

These are the best seats in the house, and filling these spots will help us run a successful racing event.

If you have friends or family that want to watch you race this weekend, have them volunteer for a station. Contact:

OMRRA Board Election Ballots Have Been Sent

Nominations for the OMRRA Board of Directors have closed, and you should have received an election ballot in your email inbox (via Survey Monkey). Voting closes 11:45 PM on Monday, August 31st.

Of note, no one accepted a nomination for the Secretary position. Accordingly, voting members will have the choice of either writing in a candidate, or voting to allow the Board of Directors to appoint a new Secretary to the position.

If you did not receive a ballot, first confirm that you paid your membership fees for 2020, or that you were a regular volunteer during the 2019 season. If you you meet those voting qualifications, and didn’t receive an email ballot, then please email [email protected] to correct this issue.

We Are Racing in October at The Ridge with WMRRA

The final round of the 2020 OMRRA racing season has been confirmed by WMRRA for October 10th and 11th, at the Ridge Motorsports Park. As you have probably guessed, this will be another joint round with our friends at WMRRA.

There will be further communication about this round in a couple weeks, but get it on your calendar now, and begin making your necessary scheduling arrangements and bookings for the race weekend.

Race Results from August at The Ridge Are on Track Intel

The race results from the August round at the Ridge Motorsports Park are now on Track Intel. These results had to be manually entered into our system from WMRRA’s system, hence the delay.

Because these results were entered by hand, there is some chance for error, so we encourage all racers to check their results for accuracy.

If you find a discrepancy, first check that the result is different from what WMRRA posted to Speedhive, as these results are considered official, and to change them would require action by the WMRRA Race Referee, CJ Hobbs: [email protected]

If however, OMRRA has incorrectly imported the WMRRA results into our system, then you can email [email protected] to request a fix.

Drop Those Lap Times and Sign-Up for the Friday Track Day with OPRT

If you want to spin some laps before the September race weekend, thus ensuring that none of our trophies end up in the hands of WMRRA racers, then sign-up for the Friday OPRT track day.

Go ahead and sign up for the OPRT track here. All the fast kids are doing it.

Tired of All That Winning? Recycle Your OMRRA Trophies

Is your shelf struggling to hold all the trophies you have won over the years of racing with OMRRA? Turn those past victories into future ones and recycle your old trophies.

If you have any current-style trophies (wood base with the metal OMRRA logo) that you don’t want anymore, bring them to ASIT at the next racing round at PIR so they can be recycled.

We look forward to racing again with all of you this September. Now go sign-up already!

Stay Fast,
The OMRRA Board of Directors


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