Dear OMRRA racers, members, volunteers, sponsors, and supporters:

Please know we at OMRRA are receiving the information on COVID-19 in the same ways you are, and it is quickly changing. At this point are uncertain how OMRRA operating at PIR in April is affected by the Governor’s ban on 250+ person gatherings which is set to run 4 weeks, if it will be extended past that, or if it will become even more restrictive.

OMRRA will continue to monitor the situation over the next week. We’ve begun to compile a list of operational changes we can make to reduce the mandatory person to person contact during our events, and we will share information as soon as possible. We know you may have questions but at this point in time, there is simply nothing to announce except that we are working on it. Fortunately we have 5 weeks until Round 1, not a lot but it is something.

OMRRA is a racing club, it’s what we love to do, and we’ll do our best to assure our future to continue enjoying this passion.

Respectfully yours:



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