July SuperTeams Registration Instructions

1 Pick a team captain. This will be the person responsible for setting up the team in Track Intel.

2 Team captain logs into their Track Intel account.

3a Run (or rerun) the bike interview for eligible classes if you haven’t previously entered SuperTeams. This will make SuperTeams a legal class for your bike.

3b Team partner must also run the bike interview. This must be done before race registration.

4 Create your team by selecting “SuperTeams, create new team” on the lower left of your profile. You will name your team and select your partner from the search engine. You can only select a partner with a Track Intel account and current race license.

5a Once the team is created, either (but only one) team member may register the team for a race.

5b When selecting SuperTeams as a class during registration, SELECT YOUR TEAM from the “sponsor/team” drop-down menu. If you’ve set up your team properly, it will show there.


Track Intel can not split your entry fee for SuperTeams.

SuperTeams is subject to the $50 registration fee (like all registrations), so if one partner is already sprint racing and the other is not, have the sprint racer add SuperTeams to their entry (to avoid a redundant fee).



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