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Portland International Raceway

Camping at PIR

Thursday Night Camping for OMRRA and OPRT;
Optimum Performance Rider Training does not take possession of the track until 6:30am Friday, OMRRA at 6:30am Saturday. Any Thursday access for OMRRA and OPRT customers is due to the generosity of Thursday Night Motocross. We have set up a process to allow both groups what they need. Please note that attempting to or successfully getting your rig into the area where you’re not supposed to be is inconsiderate and disrespectful. More directly to the point, you will be asked to leave and your action will make future Thursday night access unlikely for us all. Unattended vehicles/rigs will be towed out to South Broadacre at Owner’s Expense.

Traffic entering PIR between 3-6pm will be heavy. If you plan to participate in Thursday night move-in, TNMX staff has asked that you please arrive after 6pm. 3-6pm is when all of the motocross racers are trying to get in and setup their pits. Plan your arrival time, help your motocross racer buddies out.

Thursday night after Motocross, the PIR Main Gates will close and lock at 12 midnight. South Broadacre access will not be affected by this gate closure.

4 options for Thursday night move-in at PIR:

1.  Camp overnight in South Broadacre – free.  Stay outside the main gate. Move your rig to the Inside Pits when the gates open Friday morning at 6:30am.

2.  Stage in Outside Pits and walk in to watch motocross – Arrive between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM.  Pay $10 motocross admission per person at the main gate (not optional).  PLUS $20 camping fee per vehicle overnight.  Follow signs, flaggers and instructions and stage at the Outside Pits.  Use the pedestrian bridge to go watch Motocross.  Then move your vehicle to the Inside Pits after motocross crowd clears, typically after 10pm.

3.  Late arrival and setup – Arrive at PIR main gates between 10:00 PM and 12 midnight.  Pay $20 camping fee per vehicle, set-up in Inside Pits once motocross crowd has cleared, typically after 10pm.

4. TNMX cancellation – Arrive at PIR main gates between 6:00 PM and midnight, pay $20 camping fee per vehicle, move directly to north paddock area. Confirm TNMX event status via facebook.com/PortlandRaceway, or by calling 503 823 7223. You may also sign up for automatic rainout txt notifications via PIR’s fanguide page.

Gate times, Friday/Saturday Night Camping for OMRRA;
No cost, all PIR park rules apply. Be extremely courteous to all other track users as you move your rig through their events. PIR outside gates close and lock at 12 midnight and reopen at 6:30am.

Gate Time Summary:
Thursday: Open at 6pm, Close at 12 midnight.
Friday: Open at 6:30am, Close at 12 midnight.
Saturday: Open at 6:30am, Close at 12 midnight.
Sunday: Open at 6:30am, Close at ~8pm.

Sunday Night Camping is not allowed inside PIR


The Ridge Motorsports Park


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