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Thread: NRS meet and greet April 7, 12:00pm @ EDR

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    Default NRS meet and greet April 7, 12:00pm @ EDR

    We will be holding our New Racer Meet and Greet for the April 20 NRS at EDR on April 7 at 12:00pm. Come meet your fellow students. We will give a run through of what you can expect at the NRS and answer any questions you may have. We will also cover bike tech requirements for those racing that weekend. Feel free to bring your bike along, Don and I will give it a once over for anything you may have missed.

    Look forward to seeing you all there.


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    Good for you both! EDR offered this service my Novice year and I learned quite a bit from it. Especially being new with zero track experience. Thanks for your support of new racers!

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    I'll be there. I went to the Moto Corsa class last week and was very impressed with the event. Plus it was a brilliant move for the store. Thanx Arun for hooking me up with a sweet set of Dainese leathers. Heck I wanna try a Bell helmet so EDR may make some money off me at this event.. I encourage old and new racers to attend. It a great event.
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    You'll need a time machine if you're planning on attending that one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daric Cheshire View Post
    You'll need a time machine if you're planning on attending that one...
    Gad someone else saw that! Thanks DC. Now Robbie kinda is his own time machine so I betcha he can still make it!

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    Wish I wasn't 6 hours away...
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