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Thread: Dainese Bora 1 piece 42/52

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    Default Dainese Bora 1 piece 42/52 $350 OBO

    Used Dainese Bora 1 piece suit for sale. This was the highest end Dainese you could get a few years ago. The Bora and Sukhoi even have some features that Dainese no longer uses in their high end suits (lower leg/shin protection specifically). Ridiculously soft leather, some D-stone so that it fits comfy, and very good armor. These were over $2,000 a set when you could get them.

    They have been down once, little lowside (even have the video of the crash if you care to see). I took pictures of all damage, which is basically limited to some scuffs. No issues passing tech anywhere. I took closeups of all damage. From a few feet away you wouldn't even notice it though, and definitely not once you are riding.

    Always wore an undersuit so my balls have never been against the inside. Also just had them cleaned locally by Acme Motorwear, so they look pretty new and have no smells etc.

    There is no way you can get this kind of quality for this price anywhere. Only selling because I'm going with a custom suit this year.

    For sizing references, I'm 5'11'' and 165 pounds. I would say I'm at about the top range of where you want to be height wise, though someone shorter could probably weigh more than me and be fine. here is a size chart, remember the Euro size is 52, the US size is 42. That seems to confuse people a bunch


    Shoot me a PM with any questions, or if you need my number to talk. can also take more pics as needed. Also, I am in NW Portland, if you want to try them on, you are more than welcome to, I just ask that you wear an undersuit. 500 OBO, I have no idea how to price a used suit so just shoot me offers.
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    Lets make this one 350 bucks. Also, I took as big of pics of damage as possible, the rest of the suit looks new. You can see in the first two pics, the damage is not very noticeable at all.

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    Nice suit...I'd love to have it as a backup, but I already have a backup. Good luck with the sale...someone is going to get a great suit.
    Jason Harper

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    Mark this one sold!

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